Hawaiian Seashell Bra
£1.66 / unit(s) *
Ar Kes Bo Selecta
£22.99 *
Bo Selecta Glasses
£25.99 *
Top Hat Satin Purple 59cm
£10.83 / 6 piece(s) *
Mask EVA Clown Scary with elastic XXL
£7.49 / 12 piece(s) *
Mask Half Witch Green
£7.49 / 12 piece(s) *
Neon Green Trilby
£7.49 / 12 piece(s) *
Bunting Europe Flags 10m
£7.49 / 12 piece(s) *
red white and blue 10m bunting pvc
£7.49 / 12 piece(s) *
Mask Face Skull 3 White Bone
£13.33 / 30 piece(s) *
Mask Face Skull 3 Brown Bone
£13.33 / 30 piece(s) *
Mask Face Clown Big Mouth
£13.33 / 30 piece(s) *
Mask Face Zombie 9
£13.33 / 30 piece(s) *
Mask Face Gas Mask 7
£12.49 / 30 piece(s) *
Prosthetic Terminator John Connor Scars
£10.83 / 30 piece(s) *
Mask Head Skull Junior
£19.99 / 30 piece(s) *
Prosthetic Horns Evil Devil Small
£14.99 / 30 piece(s) *
Prosthetic Horns Demon
£14.99 / 30 piece(s) *
* The postage on multiple items will not increase, the shipping is a set price for any number of items.
Bo Selecta fancy dress

Bo Selecta fancy dress

Bo selecta fancy dress masks and costumes, Including craig david masks, michael jackass bo selecta mask, and the michael jackass bo selecta full costume. among the favourite is mel b bo selcta mask and fancy dress costume. this is a large to xlarge dult costume snd oes a bomb as scareyspice at halloween. all at Mr Bens Fancy dress.
ACCESSORIES for fancy dress

ACCESSORIES for fancy dress

Fancy dress accessories. All the little accessory extras you need to complete your costume or outfit. at mr bns online fancy dress shop
Childrens fancy dress,  costumes.

Childrens fancy dress, costumes.

Childrens fancy dress costumes. These are fancy dress outfits for girls and boys. fancy dress book characters , and costumes from the school curriculum are available as well as fancy dress for dressing up parties, look at the childrens costume ideas. all at mr bens fancy dress.
HIRE COSTUMES fancy dress

HIRE COSTUMES fancy dress

fancy dress costume hire.

Clothing Sizes

Fancy Dress Manufacturers' Size Guide




  • Female Costumes

    Teen : Up to Dress size 6

    Small: Dress size 6 to 10

    Medium: Dress size 10 to 12

    Large: Dress size 12 to 14

    XLarge: Dress size 16 to 20



    " Fever" Ladies Costumes

    Small; 8-10 (34 1/2 - 35 1/2" bust, 26 1/2 - 27 1/2" waist, 37 - 38" hips)

    Medium; 12-14 (37 - 38 1/2" bust, 29 - 30 1/2" waist, 39 1/2 - 41" hips)

    Large; 16-18 (40 - 42" bust, 32 - 34" waist, 42 1/2 - 44 1/2" hips)


    The costume manufacturers state that all "One size" (Standard) costumes fit up to a dress size 14. On the other hand the "Gown" style or unisex outfits will allow for larger sizes. As a rule costumes with a belt tend to fit the larger sizes and often can be worn as a shirt without a belt.


    Don't forget: If a costume seems too short, you can always team it with a smart pair of trousers or a skirt - something we've seen work well with many of the "sexy" range, especially on the shyer type of person. net uder slips and hot pants work well too!!! or ware thicker tights .

    A range of extra large costumes is available, keep and eye out for XL, XXL in the product name or size list within the product boxes.


    Male Costumes

    Teen: Jacket size 34-36

    Small: Jacket size 36-40

    Medium: Jacket size 40-42

    Large: Jacket size 42-44

    XLarge: Jacket size 44-48

    Standard fits size 30-38 waist 44'' Chest


    Childrens Costumes

    Childrens costumes are available in 7 sizes, from newborn through to teen.

    Newborn: 0-9 months

    Infant: 1-2 years

    Toddler: 2-4 years

    Small: 4-6 years (approx 110cm)

    Medium: 6-9 years (approx 130cm)

    Large:9-12 years (approx 150cm)

    Teen:13-15 years / up to Dress size 6




    The costume manufacturers state that all "One size" Standard fit costumes fit up to a Large (Jacket size 42"), however some of the gown type costumes (i.e. Monk costume) will allow larger sizes. A range of extra large costumes is available, keep an eye out for XL, XXL in the product name or size list within the product box.




    Fuller Figure is 42'' waist & up to 50'' Chest


    Standard fits size 10 to 14

    Fuller Figure fits size 16 to 20

    Please note that these sizes are guidelines only as everyone varies in shape and size


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    fancy dress hire costumes,

    Union Jack Collection

    Union Jack Collection

    Union Jack flags, hats, bunting etc

    Hand made masks in the UK for Proper Bo  Fancy Dress

    Now selling Purly online delivering your hand crafted masks to you . Made in the UK . Upto 2015 this was Sheffields best established fancy dress hire and retail highstreet store .